New Knitting Blog – An Introduction

Hi, my name is Natalie, I’m a Doctor in my twenties living and working in Scotland. I have many hobbies and passions and the majority of them appear to be crafty in nature.

I guess it has something to do with filling my days full of that serious sciencey stuff that makes me want to get a creative kick in my spare time.

This blog is intended to be a wee documentary of my mainly knitting and crochet adventures, with some other bits and pieces thrown in too. I haven’t had a blog for many years (back then live journal and teenage angst seemed to be all the rage), so please bear with me.

As a starter I’ll just give you an introduction into my love of all things yarn. I first learnt to knit and crochet thanks to my wonderful grandmothers, grandma taught me how to knit (and I still use her knitting dishcloths to this day) and my nanny taught me to crochet. I lost the ability and interest between childhood and university but whilst shopping with my mum we happened upon a ‘how to crochet’ dvd in a charity shop (another hobby) one November in South Wales. We bought it and had a go with the yarn that came with it. We were rubbish but I soon picked it up again after watching the video. Mum said she’d teach me how to knit next time I came home.

Fast forward to Christmas and I had secretly taught myself how to knit and had completed my first item: a scarf for mum for Christmas. She was thrilled, although it was a bit wonky and I think they say it’s the thought that counts?

Messing about at St Ninian's Beach, Shetland
Messing about at St Ninian’s Beach, Shetland

And thus it began. Although thanks to medical exams it didn’t really kick back in properly until I moved up to Scotland for my first job, and even then it was slow to get going. That all changed when I moved for four months to the furthest north you can be in the UK. Yep that’s right, I spent the Winter months of 2013 (Dec to April) up on the wind swept Shetland Islands.

On my very first day here I drove down to St Ninian’s Isle – a tombolo beach – a beautiful and deserted place for some quiet reflection. Followed by a trip into the ‘toon’, where I discovered 5 wool shops on the high street and spent a small fortune on Day 1 on items of the woollen variety. The rest they say, ‘is history’!

Welcome to my woolly adventure!


Macro close up of a favourite Fair isle cardigan yoke.
Macro close up of a favourite Fair isle cardigan yoke.